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We know why youʼre here, youʼve tried everything, youʼre exhausted, over worked, and fed up with feeling tired and heavy. You have come to the right place because our entire staff can relate to how youʼre feeling! We have been through it all, yo-yo diets, shakes, and pre-packaged food convincing you it will magically take the weight off. Not to mention all of the emotions that come with being overweight and unhealthy.

All of our staff at MyPure Health were once past clients that joined our team to become health coaches because they are committed to helping others. We believe in this program and have witnessed first hand how it can change lives in many ways well beyond weight loss!Weʼre not selling you pre-packaged food, shakes, or trying to get you to come back, weʼre here because we want you to take charge of your health. We have three customized programs, 25, 50, and 75 day, to fit your bodyʼs needs! With every program you will receive a full body composition and scan to fully understand what you need in order to achieve optimal health. A starter kit will get you going and a health coach will keep you accountable through out your program. Whether you need 25 days or 75 days, the staff at MyPure Health Solutions will be with you every step of the way!

No matter your location, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, LA or Japan, we are here to help! With our remote program weʼre able to scan clients from anywhere in the world, you just need a computer and internet access and youʼre all set! For more information see our Remote Program page!

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