ABOUT My Pure Health Solutions - Battle Creek

We are committed to helping each client through their program. We respect each client and understand that letting go of weight and pursuing a lifestyle of wellness is a process. Each client will have their own journey, in which we will respect and encourage along the way.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, we know that relationships with our clients is one of the main keys to success. It is one of our highest values here at My Pure Health.

In a world where mediocre is accepted because it just helps you believe in always pursuing excellence in our processes, our patient care, as well as our business operations.

Cutting Edge:
We are committed to pursuing the most excellent ways to help our clients. Whether it is by the products we use or client services. Heart: Because at the Core we are extremely passionate about helping each client live the life they were meant to live.....one of abundant health.

Our Why?
At My Pure Health, we believe that your health is your greatest and most valuable possession you own. As we look at our lives, one may think that our most valuable asset is our family, or spouse, or maybe some think it’s their wealth and what they own. However, if you really think about it, are you able to really experience all of those wonderful people and things in your life to the fullest, if you aren’t healthy or feel good about yourself? It Is AMAZING what we see happen as we watch our clients lives begin to unfold as they pursue their health. Almost every facet of their lives starts to be affected in a great way as they regain their health and let go of their weight and reshape their health and future. Our desire is to see every client empowered and educated on how to live the life that they deserve.

Our How?
My Pure Health Solutions - Battle Creek utilizes what some would say is day breakthrough technology. Our technology allows the body to communicate what it needs. Where most systems will formulate what you need based on you filling out a questionnaire, we are now able to ask your body what it needs. Using Galvanic Skin Response, the technology sends a specific message to your body and monitors the response.

Our technology is able to determine exactly what each individual client needs to bring their body into an optimal state of letting go of weight. We are able to assist and give each client exactly what they need to help them bring their body back into balance, let go of weight, engage their metabolism, detox, and regain their health. Our technology is so advanced and specific that it can determine hormone imbalance, organ function weakness, and specific supplements that you need to take to support your body as returns to health.



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